Dear Abiding Homemaker,

You’re cordially invited to be a pen pal of sorts. Long before technology took over the world, homemakers wrote letters to one another, perhaps with a little update on life, a picture or two, a few questions, some Scriptural thoughts, and a word of encouragement. I’d like to use the gift of technology to bring back this long-lost practice of letter writing.


Come join me in a little haven away from the noise of social media. Simply subscribe and these letters will be in your email inbox as soon as they are sent. If you don’t like your email box to be cluttered with subscriptions, you could download the substack app and read along here instead. Simply subscribe, then change your email settings within the app. As a subscriber, you can also access the website with all previous letters.

white ceramic cup on white ceramic saucer beside silver click pen

I pray these letters will be an encouragement for all of us as we seek to keep our hearts and homes for the glory of the Lord Jesus.

Abiding in Christ,


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Letters from one abiding homemaker to another filled with Biblical encouragements, life updates, and general Christian mom and homemaker chat. It's like being pen pals, but simpler.


Hello, I'm a wife & homemaker of 17 years and a homeschooling mama to eight children, but most importantly a woman abiding in Jesus Christ. I help Christian women keep their homes with excellence while keeping their hearts abiding in Jesus Christ.